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My 2012 Sturgis + Trip

WARNING! The read below is long and could be boring for some or all. I promised some I would document my trip so here it is. It is a summary of my 2-weeks on the road and if your not interested don't read it and give me shit afterwards . If you just want to see my pictures click this link If your looking for boob pics you'll be disappointed.

Though I had one Rant (see off topic section) I had a great trip as I fully expected too. Riding from the east coast to Sturgis and beyond and back how could I not have had a good time? It started on the morning of 8-1 with a gentleman who lives about a mile away whom I had only ridden with once before. His name is Dave and our daughters are friends and schoolmates. Dave is an interesting guy. He is a 3-time Iraq war vet, LEO & pilot, and grew up on a farm in Iowa. He was initially going to fly to Iowa and rent a bike and ride out with his parents and brother, but when he heard I was riding out he started looking for something to replace his Softail. While he wanted a Road Glide Ultra, he found a deal on Craigslist on a 2009 Ultra Classic that was too good to pass up. After sitting on my RG on this trip though he really wants a RG now. Dave & I were only going to ride out together, then go our separate ways.

At the hotel in Danville, IL

Day 1 got us to Danville, IL. 675 miles. We rode very well together and it was a fun trip. There is something about the open road and leaving all the everyday things that occupy our brains behind that was quite refreshing.

Day 2’s first stop was at a rest area somewhere in IL because we drank too much coffee too early. As we exited the building another rider rolled in for a break. We sat and spoke briefly. His name was Hollywood and was from Falls Church, VA not very far from Maryland where we are from. He was a cool dude to speak with but we soon wished each other well and took off on our way. We arrived at Dave’s parents house in Ackley, IA around 3 PM. It was only a 400 mile day. Dave’s parents fed us some good Iowa Steaks & fresh local corn on the cob and provided a comfortable bed for the night.

Day 3 we departed Ackley, IA with Dave’s parents and brother and headed towards South Dakota. We stopped at a rest area in SD, and ogled over a Skunk on a trailer. It was a shame to see it on a trailer, but it was a beautiful ride. While we were ogling who rides in, none other than Hollywood again. What are the odds you run into the same guy twice. It was uneventful until we got about 30-miles west of the Missouri River on Interstate 90. The winds picked up a lot and Dave’s parents were having trouble riding in it. The wind was blowing very hard. I never saw a report on exactly how hard, but I heard estimations of 60 to 70 from other people. Dave’s parents slowed to between 30 & 40 mph while trying to ride thru it which was adding to the dangerous situation we were in as the speed limit is 75mph. I tried to explain to Dave’s dad on one stop that he should try accelerating into the wind instead of decelerating and he might have better control, but he wasn’t listening. They pulled off the road numerous times to take a break and it was looking like I would not make it to the campground that night to meet my buddies who trailered out. I entertained the idea of splitting off from them, but with Dave’s parents scared and his brother being an inexperienced rider I didn’t want to leave Dave that way. I hung in there and we finally made it to Murdo, SD where they were staying for the night. I followed them to their hotel and thanked them for their hospitality and said my goodbyes.

Lunch break somewhere in MN

I hit interstate 90 and cranked it up to 80 and plowed thru the wind at about a 60-degree angle all the way to Rapid City where the winds finally slowed. Riding thru that much wind was enlightening, especially when you pass an RV, Semi, or even a bridge overpass where the Jersey barrier blocks the wind momentarily. I knew my shorts were good because I clinched my sphincter so tight in those instances that there was no way anything could get out. Made it to an establishment on 34 called St. Onge Bar (SOB) after 14-hours of riding where my buddies where cooling off after setting up all the tents. You would normally drive right passed a bar like this, but surprisingly they had a great Prime Rib. YUM! Made it the campsite, started a fire, drank a few beers, and nipped the shine for a bit before sack time.

Day 4, I got a good look at our campsite in the daylight. My buddies were nice enough to set up my tent for me, but they stuffed me in the back, so I had to walk around everyone else’s tents to get in it. Assholes! They called my tent location the ghetto. I thanked them again for setting it up for me and smiled. We also had an American flag & Pittsburgh Steelers flag. WTF? Football was the farthest thing from my mind, but I guess Pittsburgh people don’t have much else to cheer about except a second place team.

We took it easy and rode out to Rapid City to the HD dealer and then into downtown Sturgis. Back at camp we started a fire in our ring again as we did the previous night. We tried walking around the campsite to make friends with our gallon (not a mason jar) of shine, but we found few willing to want to converse with us. We heard some folks making some noise not far from our site so we decided to investigate. We met some gents who were partaking in some adult beverages like ourselves and finally felt we could make some friends and we did briefly. They proceeded to tell us the cops had been there and told them to put out their fire. We found this concerning as we had our own fire going, the cop had ridden right by our site earlier and not stopped and said a word to us, the campsite owner was selling firewood and said we could have a fire as long as it was in the fire ring. A few minutes later the people in the site next to where we were chatting pulled in and decided to start their fire. They must have dumped an entire bottle of lighter fluid in the ring when they lit it because it was a huge flame that lit up the whole campground for a brief second. The timing was perfect as the cop was coming into the campsite again as they were lighting it. They stopped there and told them to put it out and then came to where we were. There was one guy who was very drunk and very mouthy and laughed loud enough for everyone in a 5-mile radius to hear. There’s always one I guess. The cop proceeded to warn all of us that if our friend didn’t shut up they would arrest him. We all kind of looked at one another and agreed we just met him so do what you need to. LOL! A couple minutes later the Brush trucks (plural) began to arrive, so we headed to our campsite to extinguish our fire. Our fire was pretty dead anyway, but I grabbed a 12oz bottle of water and poured it on the fire at about the same time the Brush truck pulled up. There was no more flame, but the firemen needed to be sure, so they put on their turn out gear, helmets and fired up the water pump and dowsed our fire ring some more. Really, you needed the Helmet? They were cool and said they had been battling brush fires everywhere so they couldn’t take any chances. We understood and respected their position and that was our last fire. The firemen went throughout the entire 13 acre campground extinguishing campfires for the next 30-minutes.

"A Goverment should fear it's people not vice versa"

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Day 5, We rode Spearfish Canyon, and into Deadwood for a while. We left Deadwood and headed thru Sturgis to the Full Throttle and then onto the Broken Spoke. The Spoke had an Ozzy tribute band and they were awesome. Sounded and acted just like Ozzy, and the lead guitarist was incredibly talented. We ended up staying there longer than expected due to this.

The Flaunt Girls on the Zip Line

Day 6, I had the Meet & Greet in Piedmont in the AM. It was nice to meet some of the other folks from here and see some cool mods others have done. My buddies met me at a gas station next door afterwards and we headed to Mt. Rushmore, Iron Mountain Road, Custer State Park, & Crazy Horse. After leaving Crazy Horse we decided to run Spearfish Canyon again headed back towards our campground in Belle Fouche. This was a good call as we had the canyon pretty much to ourselves as it was late in the day and turned out to be a great uninterrupted ride.

We made it back to camp and broke out the beer, whiskey, and shine and tried to make new friends again around the campground, but no one wanted to be our friend. About midnight a couple of guy’s walked by our spot and we said hi! They responded but kept walking and then came back a few minutes later. We offered them a drink, but they were already sipping on Jack & Cokes. Their names were Mike & Tim (brothers) and they were looking for their truck & trailer. They pulled in a short time ago and parked and went looking for a site to pull into and then forgot where they parked their rig. To say that several inebriated men found this humorous was an understatement. We told them the spot beside us was open if they could find their rig. They found their rig and brought it to the site and parked it. It was 1:00 AM by this time. They had a trailer with a pop up on the back and a flat area in front for normally carrying ATV’s, only they had backed the bikes on and needed help getting the bikes off in order to set up the camper. It was 2:00 am before we were done getting their bikes off and it took a lot of beating and banging and our neighbors were not amused. It took 5 of us to unload these 2-bikes (probably only 3 if we had been sober). It was really messed up the way these guys loaded the bikes but they were from Ohio so we spoke slower and cut them some slack.

Day 7, Our new Ohio friends asked if they could join us since they were unfamiliar with the area and we obliged. We rode out to Devils Tower with a brief stop in Huyette, WY. When we stopped in Huyette Mike parked beside me and said he was having trouble with his Sporty going over 70mph and it was running real hot. He proceeded to tell me the bike had been being built for 2-years by someone else prior to loading it to bring to Sturgis and he had not riden it at all! I told him that was not a very wise move. Before long his carb was leaking gas on the pavement as well. I helped fix him up as best we could and sent him and his brother in the direction of Spearfish to a repair shop. We headed out to Devils Tower and then we rode to Sundance, WY before heading back towards camp. We traveled some roads we hadn’t previously tackled in prior visits to the area and had some great rides.

Back at camp we noticed we had some new neighbors across the gravel drive. As I tried to make out the license plates I realized they were Canadians. Finally some neighbors who might like to partake in some adult beverages. We introduced ourselves and they were very friendly and willing to converse with us. Once they took a hit off the Shine bottle the party was on! We had hardly put a dent in this bottle since arriving, but by the end of the night it was about a third of the way empty thanks to our new Canadian friends. They loved it and I have to admit it was pretty good stuff compared to some I had in the past. This was the best night back at camp we had yet. We made friends and some other neighbors even came over to join us for a while.

While at the campground this day I also met Mel from Red Deer Alberta, and Darlene from BC. Mel knew I had ridden out and my buddies trailered so he asked me if I would like to join him and Darlene on a ride to the Beartooth Pass. I initially declined thinking it was a good ways farther northwest, and I had planned on some other stops on the way home including the Bourbon trail. It got me thinking though and after some research on my I-phone I changed my mind and decided what the hell. The Bourbon trail is only a 1-day ride from home, but I’m already this far west I might as well take advantage of riding the Beartooth. This turned out to be a good impromptu decision.

View of Mt. Rushmore from Iron Mountain Rd.

Devils Tower, in the middle of the Pic are 2 climbers if you look close

Day 8; We were a little slow moving this day as the prior evening of drinking and fellowship had taken its toll on everyone. I ended up taking advantage of the laundry on this morning since everyone was running slow. We got moving and headed out to Sundance for the burnout & wet t-shirt contest, which was a snoozefest. I lie a little the Wet t-shirt contest didn’t involve much in the way of t-shirts and there were some nice racks and what guy gets bored of that. We left and headed towards camp and decided to stop at the Stone House Saloon. This was our second time there and we had a good time and it was close to our campground. The 2-bands they had playing were real good, and the weather was really nice. This was the last night in SD for my buddies before heading home, but everyone was too tired to go out and party at any of the bars even though we really wanted too. We didn’t see a lot of the nightlife we would have liked too because the campground was 20-miles from Sturgis thru wildlife riddled roads. The way I look at it if you leave something behind you wanted to do then it makes it easier to make the trek back to do it another time.

Sundance, WY

"A Goverment should fear it's people not vice versa"

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Day 9; We packed up camp and my buddies loaded up the trailer with their 4-bikes. Mel and I loaded our bikes down with our gear and prepared to depart northwest. We said our goodbyes and went in opposite directions. Darlene had not been to Devils Tower so Mel and I decided we would go there on our way to Beartooth. While at Devils Tower I started chatting with some gentlemen from New Zealand. They had come over on a tour and rented bikes in California and headed out towards Sturgis. It is really cool meeting people from other countries and realizing how far people travel to see the beautiful countryside we have here in the USA. The one gentleman that was leading the tour gave me some suggestions when heading towards Beartooth Pass as he had been thru there numerous times.

After reviewing my map we decided to make our destination for the day to get to Cody, WY. We only did the superslab from Moorcroft to Buffalo. The Kiwi gent had suggested the Occidental Hotel for a beverage while in Buffalo, which was a good suggestion. Very cool town and lots of history. We left Buffalo via route 16 thru the Bighorn National Forest and it was a beautiful ride. We made it to Cody with a few Saloon stops along the way. Cody is a beautiful town. I could see myself living there.

Chief Joseph Hwy.

Chief Joseph Hwy.

Day 10; We left Cody via route 120 a short distance and picked up Chief Joseph Highway. This road was a great prelude to the Beartooth Pass. The scenery was gorgeous. We hit the intersection of route 212 and hung a right into Beartooth Pass. Words cannot describe how much fun I had riding and enjoying the scenery on this road. If I get a chance to do it again I would take route 14/16 into Yellowstone and pickup 212 a little farther west. After riding Beartooth we stopped in Red Lodge, MT for a late lunch a cold beer, and I said my goodbyes to my new friends Mel & Darlene. I wanted to backtrack my way thru the Bighorn National Forest on my way back via route 14A/14 which is a little further north from route 16 where we entered the day before. It was about 4:30 PM though and I did not want to be running thru the forest in the dark with critters crossing the road and being by myself so I opted to run up towards Billings, MT and catch interstate 90 back east. One more road I’ll need to do the next time I’m out that way. I made it to Buffalo, WY just after dark and pitched a tent at a campground I had spotted the day before when we traveled thru Buffalo.

Chief Joseph Hwy.

Day 11; I departed Buffalo and headed back to Sturgis. I made it to downtown about 11:00 AM and proceeded to do a little shopping and bike watching. After a couple hours I headed out to Black Hills HD in Rapid City and did some more shopping for the wife and kid. Many of the vendors were beginning to take down their displays when I arrived. I figured they would stay set up till the end of the day. I left Rapid City and headed to Wall, SD. Made a stop at Wall Drug to see what all the fuss was about and it was neat, but pretty much a tourist trap. Fueled up and departed Wall for the Badlands. The sky in front of me turned black as I approached the Badlands entrance. I was reluctant to go forward but it looked like the radar on my phone showed it moving away so I decided to move on. The Badlands are different, kind of like being on the moon. I didn’t make it there on my previous Sturgis trip so I was glad I did this time. I spent a couple hours riding thru and taking pics along the way. I spotted a male and female Mule Deer out of the corner of my eye high up on one of the cliffs so I dismounted to take some pics. Though it didn’t seem like I was very far away from them my camera didn’t zoom as well as I would have liked and they blended in with the landscape quite well. If you look closely you can see them though. After making it thru I exited towards the KOA I had planned to spend the night at, but as I left the Badlands the sky went black behind me. I passed a campground/motel just outside of the Badlands entrance and decided to pull in and see about a room in lieu of camping. $68 for a room was a no brainer for the night. The storm brought with it a double rainbow.

Badlands w/Mule Deer

Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass

"A Goverment should fear it's people not vice versa"

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Day 12; Left the motel and headed thru the final leg of the Badlands to get to interstate 90 so I could start making my trek home. Took 90 thru SD and into Minnesota where I picked up interstate 35 towards Des Moines. Saw a bad wreck on 90 about 20-miles west of Sioux Falls involving 2-baggers one pulling a trailer. No cages were present, which starts the thinking process of how 2-bikes got together like that. The ambulances pulled out as I approached the scene with lights and sirens blaring, so hopefully everyone was OK. The rain started when I got on 35 and continued most of the way to Des Moines. I spotted several signs on the highway for a gas station called Cum & Go which I found humorous (alright it was Kum & Go but still funny) when you’re alone and your mind is blank and looking for stimulation. I decided I was not going to stop at one for fuel or a pee break fearful of what I might find in the bathroom. I pulled into a Microtel 15-miles east of Des Moines for the night to escape the rain. Camping was my preferred method, but I wasn’t going there while it was raining. Call me a sissy if you like, but I have money (plastic) and I prefer being dry.

Mel & Darlene on the Beartooth Pass



Day 13; I hit route 80 and programmed my GPS for Poopy’s. I had wanted to stop and see the place ever since eating Cannoli’s with Rob on the Gypsy tour leading to Shark Week I. His description of the place had me intrigued and who wouldn’t want to see a place called Poopy’s. All the Shark Week II riders beat me to the place, but I did make it there. Lunch was good, but the place was dead I guess that’s to be expected on a Monday at 1:00 PM though. I was the only bike in the parking lot of the biggest biker bar in IL. Guess I should have taken a picture. I went on my merry little way and made it about 45 miles west of Indianapolis before stopping for the night and yes it was raining once again. The anti-fog stuff I have was not working worth a shit either.

Day 14; The final leg to home. 640 miles and some rain in Washington, PA, but otherwise an uneventful final leg to the waiting arms of my wife in the driveway who was following my every move via my I-phone. It appears my 11-year old daughter downloaded an app from the I-store before I left so they could follow my every move. This was apparently for my own safety (sure). Good thing I behaved myself.

In summary; Sturgis is a once in a while trip for me not every year, as leaving my wife and daughter for a 2-week span is not possible every year. I would like to do similar trips to other destinations, but time will tell. I hate to admit it, but I have read others comments about doing Sturgis the week before or the week after and after this year I am thinking along those same lines for future trips here. I would like to get my wife to fly out to Rapid City next time and I can pick her up there so we could enjoy the Black Hills together.
I found the rest stops in the mid-west to be a lot of fun to stop at. I would always end up having conversations with older people about my bike and/or the destinations I had been too or were headed too and they were all just super nice and fun to speak with. I hope I’m that happy and outgoing when I’m older and meet people like me.

A note about the Campground; Wyatt’s Hideaway. My buddies and I will not stay there again, but it is a nice place, good location, plenty of shade, and nice amenities. Flushing toilets and good hot showers are a real plus here. While I like to get a good night’s sleep without fear of some drunk jackass running his bike thru my tent in the middle of the night Wyatt’s was a little too quiet for our taste. When the sun goes down this place is like a ghost town. You could hear a pin drop in the grass it was so quiet (except around us). There were a lot of Christian riders in this place as was evident with their patches and perhaps that it why. I am also a god fearing man, but if god didn’t want me to enjoy a beer some fellowship and seeing some Boobies than I’m a bad man I guess. I figure I can ask for forgiveness when I get home isn’t that how the Catholics do it? It’s the Sturgis rally & races and it only happens once a year and I want to make the most of it when I go. I would recommend Wyatt’s if nightlife isn’t your thing. The search for the perfect camping combination continues, good amenities, Shade, sells beer, has some nightlife, and do not have to ride thru Sturgis to get to it.

"A Goverment should fear it's people not vice versa"

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Great write up. Read the whole thing and wasn't bored at all. Glad you enjoyed sturgis. I haven't been yet, but fully intend to. And no it doesn't make you a bad person to enjoy a beer and some boobies. That's my favorite hobby..

"A zest for living must include a willingness to die."
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Sounds like a good trip! Thanks for sharing.

'10 Red Custom:
check out my build thread for pix and mods
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Outstanding day to day summaries! Glad you had a great time, and met a few fellow drinkers I will be heading up there in two weeks, looking forward to the cooler weather!

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thanks for the write-up! wasn't boring at all.glad you had a good trip,sounds like it was fun!

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good post and pics. thanks for sharing

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Thanks guy's. There are alot more pics in the link at the top than what I posted in the thread.

"A Goverment should fear it's people not vice versa"
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