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Intersesting start to Shark Week

Dropped the bike off at the dealer for a quick check of the dreaded wobble before heading to Gettysburg. Mine does it not only at decel but when the cruise is set at 40. Neck bearings adjusted properly, put air in tires and rebalanced front....two techs couldn't duplicate wobble on test ride. Not surprising, I mean between the two of them they put nearly 2 miles on it. Anyway I barely got out of the lot and it wobbled when I tried it BUT....

It was late, it was starting to rain that rapidly turned into a monsoon and I had a bike rally to get ready for. They checked it out, everything checked out so I'm putting it in the wind in the a.m.. Get wobble re-checked later.

Only had time to go over 'Ruby' with a little quick detail and load her up. I figure she'll get dirty on the ride over, besides I have a strange feelin' I'm gonna catch up with that cold front going across and get wet.....course nuthin' handles the water like a 'Shark'
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