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What I learned at Shark Week

Just a little list of the things that stood out.
Sorry in advance for those who wonít understand all of these, they are inside jokes. Even more reason you should have been there!
*Roads in Gettysburg SUCK!!
*Although I donít drink, purchasing beer in Gettysburg is just plain crazy.
*Diabetic grandmas...(sorry, had to go there)LMAO!!
*If ya wanna have fun at dinner, donít do it so loudly that the table next to yours hears you & gets a little upset. Thats what happens when ya sit next to the delinquents!
*Hgwldrcp thinks my headlights are bright.
*Chairs stick to floors and then fall down
*Peter has calluses on his hands
*The service dept at Battlefield HD SUCKS!! And thanks to Dmize for not getting a shirt in protest!
*Last but certainly not least, I just have to say what an awesome time we had. Meeting everyone, putting faces to screen names, getting to see all the different personalities and all the badass RG's was just the best.
I sometimes tell new members that the forum is terrific and that the members here are even better. That was affirmed by the time we all got to spend together these last few days. You guys are truly an awesome bunch and I cant say a negative thing about anyone. Everyone was willing to lend a hand if needed and was genuinely concerned for each other. I definitely walked away with some new friends. And I cannot wait for next year!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this a total success!

"All you touch & all you see is all your life will ever be"

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