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Originally Posted by WV-Glider View Post
My observations and my second REAL multi day road trip on the bike.

- It is amazing what the wife can pack into HD soft luggage.
- Fill up with fuel every nite.
- Make the next days plans in advance so you and your buddy are in the same ride.
- A wife on the back is the new definition of "Back Seat Driver".
- Don't believe what the iphone nav program tells you (see above).
- RED LIGHTS!!!, in WV we have whole counties that don't even have one, let alone ones that are red for ever and then green for three seconds. (Going to the Pike for dinner).
- Traffic sux.
- It is amazing what the wife can pack into HD soft luggage. (so impressed it needed repeating)
I should have added this to my list as
- It is amazing what the GF can pack into Hard Bags and T-Bag.

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