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Originally Posted by BLKNCr6 View Post get enough committed Road Glide Forum members to bring in one of the renowned (Jerry Palladino Ride Like A Pro type) 2 or 3 day courses just prior to the Shark Week Rally?

I really enjoy learning to ride better, and it's a blast to watch friends duck walking smaller bikes into parking spots...wait for them to settle on the jiffy stand...and then short turn them with your feet on the boards and park inside them...

It would be a great thing to share the course with friends from this forum...just a thought.
Good idea.
Adds a little bit more complexity for the organizers if done prior to the event.
I'd see something like this being organized at the base hotel during the event. Possibly one afternoon workshop, with How To's and Don'ts plus a draw of attendees to actually perform manoeuvres learned/showed if logistics allow it.
Now all we need is for someone who knows someone like a "Jerry Palldino" to reach out and invite them to the event Pro-Bono if possible.
Thanks for the input.
Another idea added to the list for next years event.

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