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First of all any auto tuner will only AUTO TUNE THE AFR. There is no auto tuner on the market that auto tunes the timing.
If you get a T-max you have to load a base map that is close to your build and then ride the bike and let the auto tune tune the AFR then if there is any pinging you have to make the timing adjustments which is easy to do.
I run a T-max and I made all my timing adjustments and the bike runs great.
The T-max is a good tuner to have if you plan on doing engine mods later on or want to change from one mod to another mod because you don't need to have the bike dyno tuned.
Most people that don't like the T-max tuner don't take the time to learn how to or take the time to make the adjustments in timing or they take their bike to a dyno tech that is not familiar with the T-max tuner and they end up with less then satisfactory results.
DO NOT expect to just load a base map and not make any timing adjustments (unless you get lucky) , you may need to make multiple timing adjustments to get everything right.
Taking your bike to have a dyno tune can be expensive and in many cases result in disappointing results because the dyno tech doesn't know what he is doing.

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