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Originally Posted by smitty901 View Post
As always your money. You ask. The Rushmoore and up are better rides all the way around. New frame, Tire size that better fits the bike, faring design . 103's served me well both in air cooled only and Liquid cooled heads. I know there are haters out there but I will not own another that is not liquid cooled. If you know what your are buying there are some darn good deals on 2016's, Out there that were trade for M8's not a darn thing wrong with them owner just wanted an M8.
Glad you pointed out the liquid cooled vs air cooled. The problem with the liquid cooled for me is I am forced to have fixed lowers and I like not having lowers for the most part. Regardless, it’s something for me to think about. Thnx.
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Originally Posted by duglauraflht View Post
Originally Posted by Clutch1 View Post
I have an 04 with 70,000 miles on it and it runs very well. I have a preference for cables over electronics so I’m keeping mine for awhile yet. Nothing has sparked my interest in the newer line ups.

04 Road Glide
I'm outside looking in, and concur with Clutch 1...You obviously invested time and money making your 05 comfortable, but need more?????
Keep the comfort, already blinged out and all the bells and whistles....please tell me the front forks are chromed or blacked out??
Have Scott from Hillside build a ground up 98-103 motor with level B heads and be done with??? Paid for and be comfy....Good luck.
Ya the needing more is not from a speed thing...it’s as I mentioned, when it comes to torque and passing power for 2 up and mountain passes; loaded with luggage even solo I feel it’s working harder than I want and if i am 2 up with luggage i know it will be even more of an issue. Ya it’s comfy (it’s a RG), but assume the newer ones will be just as comfy if not more (once I put a Corbin on!). My forks and sliders are stock (brushes and chrome). If I keep my ride I definitely want to Black the front end out. If I do that then I want to put Legend front suspension on as well (I put it in the rear last year). Then I’ll want a black set of wheels. It never ends 😉
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Originally Posted by Doug06rg View Post
Originally Posted by WSSolid View Post
First time forum poster. Need some perspective. I have an 05’ TC88 non-ABS with 40K miles...Fueling Reaper 579 cams...Big Sucker Air...PCIII...2-1 Thunderheader. It was dyno’d with a Pro pipe on it before I swapped out to the TH (I didn’t re-tune since it didn’t seem to skip a beat). My question is, do I look at getting a newer model (still used) with a 103 that has ABS and lower miles while investing for sure in air and exhaust, and cams (eventually), or continue to build out my TC88? I’ I’d look at possibly changing out my apes to a different style and paint my tank if I keep her. She is dialed in...comfortable...and really enjoy the performance and overall ride. I ride 99% solo. Outside of more power being fun in general, I mainly want some more for pulling mountain passes and passing if I do 2up riding. She does fine in the mountains now while solo, but in 5th with increased grades I run out of acceleration and worry about even 4th if I was loaded 2up in the mountains. Going ABS weighs on my mind (as I know too well what locking up a non abs bike is like), plus I hear the newer frame is much better. For the price I could sell my current ride and be close to getting a ‘12 - ‘14 (and I know about the bag upgrades on the ‘14 newer which is awesome; the dash info center I could care less about.) So, any input on if I should look at getting a more recent used ride with lower miles, newer frame, ABS, and 103 vs continuing to do engine mods on my TC88 is appreciated. Thanks.
I have a 2006 Road Glide, which I have owned since it was new. The only thing that I did with my stock TC 88 was gear driven cams, Power Commander III and a Thunderheader 2 into 1 pipe. My bike had 33,000 miles on it and it ran great. In 2015, I retired after 27 years of service as a cop. I was going to buy a new bike, but I decided on a bigger engine. I went with a S&S 124" T series crate motor. Installed a Baker OD6 transmission as well. It was the best thing that I ever did with the bike. It dyno'd at 132HP/144 Torque.

My bike runs and handles great. More than enough power than I need!
Nice. So much we can do for sure to our rides in general. I definitely thought about an S&S crate motor (not sure if I’d go the 124 though as I ride about 15-20K miles a year and like a balance of power and gas mileage. I’ve heard once I get to around 120 and over engines that I’ll see a very noticeable drop in mpg. I also heard that things may loosen up more just due to the pure motion the larger engines have on the bikes in general, And when I’m riding 500-750 miles a day (which is frequent during the Summer especially) I don’t want to worry about things getting overly loose. I then also know if I get a S&S crate engine (regardless of size) that I’m at the average $6K mark which I could be putting towards a newer model that addresses a other things that an engine doesn’t (newer frame, 6 gal tank, ABS, newer style bags, etc). That said, I know your ride the way it is set-up is giving you a Joker smile like no other!!!! If I had that it would be hard to think about ever changing.
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Originally Posted by Road dawg View Post
I heard that, it's all about the greenbacks, need to crunch some numbers see what works for you, the 6 speed , newer frame and six gallon tank is great, I don't have ABS and it's not a big deal to me, just like the newer bags are definitely cool easier to operate but not sure deal breaker for me. There are some good deals out there on used 103s now that alot of people have gone the way of an M8, if and when you do cams in the future definitely go for a torque cam, in Harley's hands down the better cam IMO for the majority of riders and touring.
Glad you referenced the 6 gal tank as I had forgotten to mention that is another thing I wish I had. The 5 gal is fine, but I would love to have 6. Once saddled up I am used to sitting back and enjoying the ride and can easily stay seated for another gallons worth of miles. Thnx for your input!
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Funny how even though there are things I would love to have on the newer models (thus my predicament)...I go out and run mine enjoying the heck out it and think about how to make it better. I doubt that will go away regardless of what bike I have. Love how we can customize things through trial and error. Right now it’s not so much about what is better or worse (keeping my ‘05 or getting newer), it’s about ROI for the greenbacks that will be spent for sure if I keep my ‘05.
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to keep in perspective i'll start with my 02-97 motor,cams polished heads-awesome bike-wanted newer-intercom-cb-the ultra package-2011 ultra-nite and day in the ride -and comfort for 2up-most of the group use the cb radio-on the 02 changed the wheel sprocket to run 300 rpm less all gears-still like the 11 better-totaled that spring of 2015,no new ultras-didn't want to wait until fall,dealer would not confirm a ultra model was going to be built-so 2011 cvo-have ridden the 2016 wet head-not enough diff to justify change-road a 2017-for me not enough advantage to justify newer bike-knowing it would cost another $3000-$6000 to make me happy.the bigger tank,wider tires,six speed would be enough to make the change IMO.from your post just get the newer special blacked out,sweet ride.i saw a 2013 fltru in metallic black for 12999.00 on ebay-7600 miles

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as I mentioned previously, the 88" motors are great lil motors. my 09 has a bone stock 96" with 60K miles and runs really well for what it is. I was going through your exact predicament last riding season. I saw a 2019 RGS in billiard blue that I fell in love with and was seriously considering buying. I was hemming and hawing about it because of the price tag (just south of $30K). no matter what id be keeping my 09 because I still love it and got it pretty much where I want it minus the whole more power thing. I finally came to the conclusion that I cannot justify the $30K on a bike when mine still runs and looks good so I decided to bump up the power on my 09 instead. in fact the motor is out as I type this as im waiting on a few more parts so I can install the S&S T124 that's sitting in my garage waiting. the way I see it is, if I bought the new bike I was going to put $10K as a down payment and I was still going to have roughly $300 to $400 per month payments, higher insurance premiums and more property taxes. instead im taking that $10K down payment and putting it into the bike I was going to keep anyway. the new bike would be nice but in my opinion for me the new "upgrades" aren't worth it.
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