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We were recently contacted by a guy we met at Sturgis a couple of years ago who wanted to touch base about his shocks.

Dan Johnson is a farrier (horse shoer) by trade and uses his Ultraglide as his primary mode of transportation between 4 different states where he takes care of some 300 head of horses. Dan carries with him all the tools of the trade including an anvil among other things and his Harley tips the scales at 1100lbs.

In 7 years Dan has put over 300,000 miles on 2 different Harley's, regularly rides in temperatures ranging from -15 to 80+ and has used JRi Shocks for the last 53,000 of those miles and swears there is nothing else that compares.

He was gracious enough to write out a testimonial to both share his story and provide some feedback on what he has experienced since switching to JRi Shocks and you can read his whole story here:
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