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Originally Posted by Smarty View Post
I called the number and reservations said they couldn't do this. Said we have to call a 403 number. I called that number and it would not go thru. The person said we needed central reservations to do this group rate. HELP
Troy, this is what I was concerned about. The person I got knew at the 888 number knew, right away, once I said it was for a Group Event, to send it over to Vicki. I was transferred right away, did not have to call any other number. My guess is wherever, or whomever, handles their general reservations, not everyone there knows what to do, yet.

The other thing is, what happens when Vicki is not there, as appears to be the case here.

Once I got to Vicki, all went well. My suggestion is to call back during their normal business hours, when, I suspect, Vicki will be there. When the person at the 888 numbers goes befuddled, ask for Vicki.
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