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I purchased and installed this kit when Biketronics became a sponsor and offered this package. The kit was fairly easy to install, but there were a couple of shortcomings I personally ran into that I will list so you can be aware in case you run into the same. The 2 sided tape to mount the amp was garbage when I went to mount the amp, so I had to remove the original tape and replace it, the original inner fairing bolts that you will use to mount the amp support are too short so I replaced them with longer ones, there was 1 screw on each speaker that turned out to be too short. Mount the line level adapter on top of the fairing so you do not have to remove the complete fairing in case you have to adjust it. By on top I mean you can access it by removing the windshield and top vent to gain access. I had my bike flashed by the dealer to make it so I could listen to it and it sounds way better than stock but the AVC no longer works, depending on the source I am using the volume levels are very inconsistent and there is a DTC stored in the bike now when running a diagnostic. The music plays at such a high pitch that you can't turn it up much and there is no bass. This is my guess as to why you should not get a infotainment flash. Since my install, Biketronics has come out with a device to make it so you do not need a flash. I was sent 1 but have not had the time to install or get mine flashed back to stock, but I have heard that people are very happy with it. I hope I will be happy with it when installed. Overall it is a vast improvement over stock. Let me know if I missed anything you may have a question about. Good luck!
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