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Bearings: Wheel and Transmission

What gives with the bearings used in HD touring bikes. Can anybody provide some insight.

I took my bike in, 2010 Roadglide for it's first set of new tires at 19k. Come to find out I was blessed to not have an accident because the front and rear wheel bearings where gone. They didn't make any odd noises or anything, they just went. My tech told me and I read somewhere that HD used defective bearing from 08 to 11. Then I find out that the transmission bearings were making this light metal on metal sound when you spin the rear tire while it was up on the lift. Damn if HD didn't use cheap bearings there too. What gives?? Are there any other bearings on the bike that I should be worried about in the near term?

You pay good money for a new bike only to find cheap Chinese made parts on it. My tech knows a helicopter mechanic. The metal bearings where tested and the alloy used came from china.
Sorry to sound like I'm upset, but if wanted a Chinese bike, I would have gone out and bought one. I may consider a Goldwing next time around.
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