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Originally Posted by Topshop bagger products View Post
QUOTE=akjeff;337165]Looks great Tony!

Any chance of a fender for the following?

09 w/Top Shop 3" stretch bags

Compatible with detach docking hardware

Accepts CVO rear lights

Frenched plate


I can do a sick rick that way for you. Got one fender to do next week that way[/QUOTE]

Couple questions Tony. I go about 250 lbs, and ride 2 up sometimes. I've never used a glass fender, so forgive me for asking how well they hold up on a daily driver?

Is it an overlay, or complete replacement?

Any chance of a photo of a "sick rick" with 3" stretch bags(that's what I have) w/duals?



2009 Vivid Black FLTR/120R/Dewey's headwork/TMan 625G/Fuel Moto XXX 2/1/2 w/4" mufflers/HPI 55
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