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Originally Posted by sfcusaret2004 View Post
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I wear Maui Jims during the day. I wear a full face Arai helmet and I've gotten to where I like riding at night and listening to the radio. I've changed my exhaust and intake so the bike is a little louder then factory. There is a big differences in the radio volume with the full face shield closed. I love my helmet but I've gotten to where I like the face open when I ride. Just wanted some suggestions. I've got 3 pairs of MJims but nothing for night riding.
I just switched to the Bell pit boss, half helmet from a Bell Vortex. Primarily because the full face is too heavy for my neck (10,000 hrs in helicopters makes for c-spine issues!) It has a small flip down half shield that you can get in clear for night riding. Might want to check it out.
I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion.
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