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Originally Posted by jame721 View Post
Hey Gang, I am new to the forum and I look forward to video viewing post and exchanging ideas. I just purchased 14" Yaffe Monkey Bars & wiring kit and want to tackle the install myself. Can anyone provide guidance???
I put these same bars on my 2016 and offer the following after doing mine 2x

1. Take your time and don't rush, keep the excitement contained...LOL
I failed my first attempt due to this!
2. Remove the entire stock bars and controls off the bike and more to a well lit bench or in my case kitchen table
3. Not sure if your 06 has eThrottle or not but with the sharp bends in the bar I had to remove the heavy black wire covers of the Throttle control and hand controls on the right side to get them through the bars nicely and not damage wires.
4. Use ball chain as a wire pull.
5. Get everything remounted and wires run and taped out of the way for remount to the bike.
6. Prior to buttoning everything up turn the bike on and test all controls and start.

Hope this helps... You will love the bars and the look.
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