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Replacement for SE 260 cams?

I just acquired a 2010 RG Custom - Stage 4 done in 2010 - package done with SE 260 cams. They don't really kick in until about 3000 RPM. Looking to replace over the upcoming winter with a cam that is more torquey at lower RPM's and better suited for putting around town (looking for the torque at the start vs the HP at the end of the powerband). This is going to potentially open the flood gates with options, but looking for ideas on a replacement setup. Any options that allow me to use the SE Tuner as well? Back of the napkin says its about $1000 to get a different SE cam (about $350), adjustable push-rods ($175), and the labor to install and re-tune ($400-$450). Any lower dollar thoughts greatly appreciated as well. And an explanation on the adjustable push-rods need would be awesome. I have the Freedom Performance tuck and under true duals and the Combat slipons (just switched out of the V&H 2-1 Pro Pipe)...not looking to maximize torque or HP - just want something a little more friendly in the 1500-3000 RPM range.
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