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Rattle / Clanking Right Side Bottom End

Bike: 2015 Road Glide
Mileage: 9965

So.... after my third ride of the 2017 season (around the beginning of May) my 2015 RG has developed a fairly severe rattle / clank on the right side bottom end somewhere near the tranny case/ tranny case cover. It's worse at first start but will quiet down just a little when warm. Noise increases with RPM. Happens regardless of whether the clutch is engaged or disengaged. Happens regardless of whether bike is in gear or in neutral. All three fluids serviced at the 9,400 mile mark and currently all fluid levels are full.

Took my bike to the dealer yesterday afternoon and the SM came out and had a listen. He said that there is definitely something going on down there. Left the bike at the dealership. Waiting for inspection / tear down and report sometime this week

Do you guys have any thoughts? I've bought a bike from this dealership before and have referred three friends who also bought bikes from Pig Trail in Rogers, Arkansas. The sales staff is OK, but normally don't use this dealership for service work because they have been spotty at best in the past. However, I didn't want to ride it 90 miles back to Denny's in Springfield for fear of tearing something up worse.

I may end up with a bill out of this one because my factory warranty expired on May 12 Needless to say I'll be devastated if that's the way this pans out.

Any thoughts on what it might be would be kindly appreciated. I know it's hard to diagnose without seeing or hearing (wish I had captured an audio / video clip before I left it at the dealership but was surprised they asked me to leave the bike right then as they had an opening today).

I'll keep ya'll posted

P.S. No major internal mods to the motor, clutch, tranny, compensator etc.) All stock. I do have Rush HO pipes, SE Street Canons, FigureMachine USA air cleaner and FP3. Other than that it's bone stock.

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