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Originally Posted by Damifiknow View Post
Never again... Never again. 2 weeks to heat some plastic in a mold and another week to ship it? Hand made? Yeah. That just means they put in the mold without automation. I was a big supporter of this product telling all about the great service and great product. But never again will I buy from this vendor. Never again will I put up with the delays lies and run around from LRS. Made in Nevada? Bull... Why shipped from California? Ordered a month before a trip and wont have product till I get back. Screwed me so Screw them....
I had a similar experience with changing shipping dates several times. being told it was shipping only to later find it did not ship that day. ended up letting them eventually ship it. wrote them an email that it would be a better business practice to under promise and over deliver.
Memphis shades honored their timelines and was an easy transaction.
I have a 15 inch LRS dark tint for sale if anyone is interested
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