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As of now my first step is I'm coming down there from 7/22 for about 3,4 days and want to check out sugarland and Katy. My wife will most likely go into the medical field me I hoping to hit a city job so I can carry over my pension from my NYC job but not a deal breaker. Mostly doing this for a better life for my family
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there is great riding all around houston, the one thing you need to look at when relocating in houston is , where are you and the little lady going to be workin? the most terrifying thing about houston is the traffic, live close as possible to your work site, you will drive in to work 5 days a week, on days off you can easily be in the country in a few min. anywhere you live within the metroplex it's half hour to the back roads. i live 40mi. south of houston 20 mi west of galveston and i'm in the country. katy and sugarland is major bedroom communities, then again many people there live and work in the area and never go into houston. my cousins husband is the mayor of sugarland and they just annexed a couple large areas and it just keeps moving farther out. plus if you live in the county and not a city you can shoot in your back yard as long as your not shootin across a road or towards a house, and i like to shoot. let me know where your workin and i'll give you some ideas on where to look to live. stay out of harris county, galveston or brazoria counties are much better. from where i live 40mi south of the downtown of houston i can take the back roads and be in houston in 40-45 min. with no highway driving, which is what you want to avoid down here.
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