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Originally Posted by smitty901 View Post
The wet head came to market in 2014. So you are saying that if you have a 2014 Wet head and the coolant pump goes out you are out a 2014 bike. Just park it no options. Do you expect many to really believe that. Some will do anything to post their anit Harley rants. Their is no 2014 Harley parked for the scrap pile because a pump was discontinued.

26600012 - COOLANT PUMP Harley-Davidson® Parts and Accessories

The list goes on and on.
The fact that you can order does not necessary imply that they can deliver on the spot.....

By definition obsolescence is “an event leading to diminish the possibility to procure/using an item” and also my area of responsibility in my actual job.....

If the pump is declared obsolete, I assume HD made a LTB (Last Time Buy) in order to guarantee a limited supply for both production and support while they are defining a solution (new 3F (Form Fit & Function) vendor or redesign). In the support case normally a limited number of spares is made available for pre-determined geographical areas (if they’re smart by setting the numbers in accordance with the removal statistics) while a core is maintained in a central deposit to fill the gap when needed in the troubled areas.

What does it mean to the Customers. It means that if you are lucky your local dealer has the pump on hand and case solved. If he has not, then you have to hope it is available in the area of interest and it will take a few days. In case the local area is short then the reference become the central deposit, and then the spare will probably take weeks according to the efficiency of the chain.

Let’s take my case: my friend was defined “lucky” by the parts manager because he got the last part he had in stock otherwise the waiting could have been long.

This means that if you have a pump failure THIS MORNING and THAT is the closest dealership from where you are, the answers you will get will be “sorry, we have to order the spare” and “deliver will depend by availability and shipping time”.

At that point obsolescence will have impacted you. It is not a rant, it is simply the way obsolescence work.

How to resolve: first of all, obsolescence is never resolved, it is managed. The management can be left at vendor level, HD in this case, so you rely on them to provide the part when needed in accordance to their timing, or as a User you can take your precautionary measures to cover your operational needs (as I did)

Again, pumps are there for you ,but very probably in limited availability. It is not the end of the world but the information is there so you can manage it in the way you prefer.

And again, the fact that you can order does not imply that it can be immediately delivered, this is what the backorder are for.....

Last, I can also be wrong and having overreacted due to my experience. You can still place some calls to your area dealers and check the COOLANT PUMP 26600012 availability. I’ll be happy to be demonstrated as wrong, more piece of mind for me because bike is still under warranty so I’ll keep my spare for the future and in the meanwhile I’ll will have the installed pump eventually replaced for free if it fails

See also a backorder example in Europe: https://estore.manchester-harley-dav...12-p66268.html

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