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Originally Posted by gldlver View Post
Again, this is happening to a very small percentage of bikes, everyone likes to make it sound like every M8 going out the door is doing this, also you do not need to check it every 1000 miles, the amount of oil transfer that does occur in the limited numbers is not enough to harm the bike, watch the video I referenced earlier and you will understand the workings of the M8 Tranny and primary.

Like my service guys told me, AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW PROPER SERVICE INTERVALSthe issue will not result in harm. if you like to run your bike and change oil annually or not at all you will have a problem. One reason the response time is more than likely they have not seen anything in a failure of components due to this.

I work with a worldwide Manufacturer of equipment and there are always issues like this in products and they do not recall or rework for items that do not cause major failure, they classify them as "Fix when Fail" send out a dealer bulletin to have them check for the issue, document the S/N and watch...if and when a major recall/rework ever comes that machine will be top of the list for a policy adjustment and repair. Its standard operating procedure, the fact they do not have a complete fix or recall just proves how minute the issue is. People like to make it sound like Harley doesn't care but I know most peoples common sense knows better.

yes I understand this should not happen, but it should definitely not stop you from buying one

Bottom line IMHO, is that Harley needs to fix this M8 design flaw and move on. Not buying a Harely M8 until this reliability, quality, design, process, or whatever you want to call it problem is resolved.

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