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1965 Impala build

OK, the reason I gave you a lot of detail about where it came from and how I acquired it was for a couple of reasons. First of all let me say that I've never spent more than a few hundred bucks buying anything sight unseen, but that's what I did with this car. I had several conversations with the 2nd owner, his paint shop, and his engine builder and was still as nervous as a whore in church committing that kind of money to something I had never laid eyes on. In the 3 weeks it took to get it transported to my house, I was shitin' greenies the whole time, worried about whether or not it would be as solid as it was described. The only thing I had going in my favor was that being single, I had no one standing behind me waiting to give me shit for the next 20 years if the car had proven to be something different than what I was lead to believe. No worries, this 53 year old car has zero, no , nada, not even one spot of rust in the body. It has all the benefits of it having spent it's entire 53 years in the dry high desert of SoCal. Floor pans, trunk pans, rockers, rear wheel well lip, .... all the places you typically find rust on one of these was all original sheet metal and was solid as the day it was manufactured. I am thrilled to find such a solid car.

Now I'll tell you about the drive train that owner #2 had built and installed.


355 4 Bolt Main ATK Block with Powdered Metal Rods
10.5 Comp Keith Black Pistons
Dart Aluminum Heads with port matched Dart aluminum intake
GM "Hot" roller cam with 1:6 roller rockers (It's lumpier than my ex-wife's ass!)
Howard's variable lifters
Edelbrock Carb 650
MSD Distributor and ignition
Pacesetter Headers w/ 2.5" exhaust with cross over
Heavy duty aluminum radiator with Stahl electric fan


Turbo 400 Transmission with 2200-2400 RPM stall converter
B&M Megashifter with NHRA/IHRA approved reverse lock out

Rear end:

10 bolt completely rebuilt with new Yukon (3:73) ring and pinion gears and new Yukon posi-traction unit
Yukon heavy duty 28 spline axles

In addition there is a new gas tank, fuel pump, and new steel gas lines from front to back

The engine builder said he had not dyno'd the motor but built it with an emphasis on TQ with this full size/heavy car. He did say that from his experience it should be in the neighborhood of 520 HP and 540 TQ. His primary business is building race motors for both drag and circle track racers.

When it was delivered it was running but only had 8 miles on it. Today it has about 30.

The front brakes were converted to discs, and the suspension was new stock type with a 1" drop in front.

The body was taken down to metal and resprayed the original factory Ermine White. It then got a new windshield and rear window, new bumpers were installed, and much of the exterior trim had been straightened and polished.

When it got here that's pretty much what I had. That, and a lot of exterior trim and badging in the trunk along with a few interior trim pieces. The car had absolutely no interior - as the car sat in a car port for 17 years and then was in the build process for 2 more. Needless to say the field mice had plenty of time to destroy every element of the interior. The first think I did was to finish gutting everything out of the interior - the seats are just metal frames and springs with no foam, no nothing. A lot of the small trim and emblems were either crap or missing altogether so I've been chasing down all those pieces.

Later, on the next post here I'll cover what's been done to the car since it arrived.

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