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I've always liked pick up trucks. My last 3 new/newer vehicles have all been crew cab/short box pick up trucks. Currently driving an 11 year old Tundra CrewMax I've had since new. I use them as my daily drivers, not just when I need to haul a boat or whatever. They're just so damned practical to own. This last move to Florida not withstanding, I tend to always live in very rural places where owning a truck is almost a necessity. When I lived in Maine it was a 90 minute ride to the nearest city. I avoided a lot of expensive delivery charges for furniture, appliances, lumber, etc. by owning a truck. But even more important to me is the riding position .... sittin' up straight and comfortable, and a shit load more visibility than in a car. It amazes me how many families are buying trucks these last 10 years or so. The new ones are not only practical, but they're engineered to ride and handle much more comfortably now, like a car. What's not to like.

My GF of almost 2 years and I have been having a serious conversation lately about her moving in with me around the first of the year. She drives a Nissan Altima and I have the Tundra. We've already had discussion about selling both and buying a couple year old well optioned pick up. Gotta like a woman who's OK with having a pick up as her daily driver.

I don't think anyone could have predicted 20 years ago just how popular old trucks have become. I watch all the major car auctions and attend 1 or 2 each year and I'm still surprised at just how many of the vehicles for auction are restored or hot rodded trucks. Trucks are now the epitome of "kool".

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