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Since you're not locked in to a budget build you've got some options. Based on your initial post it looks like you're sticking to a 2 speaker setup so they've got to be good. The hertz HCX are a pretty good choice if you like the hertz sound (I'm a big fan). The 165.3 mille pros are a popular choice as well. I haven't owned any Focal speakers but have heard them. They can get real bright real fast but some tuning with the right amp really helps as long as you understand that the highs may be overpowering at high volumes. Very clear and crisp, but IMO lacking the depth of the hertz. This would be so much easier if sound wasn't so subjective.

Take a look at the diamond audio micro 4V2 amp. Diamond and Cerwin Vega are owned by the same company and the amps look pretty much identical, but the diamond version has better components in it. They have a warmer sound, great power bridged for a fairing only setup, and fit between the radio and headlight like they were made to go there. I'm running the 4V2 in my 16 and don't even use velcro or tape, it sits between the headlight tabs and radio bracket perfectly and just clears the big honkin main radio connector with a little daylight to spare.

The JL audio amps are also very popular. Their specs are way underrated and nice warm sound with clean power. The RF TM400 series is good stuff also. Stay away from their low end PBR stuff but the TM line is nice. Not a fan of their speakers, but it's a very nice amp.

If you want a once and done setup go for the 4V2 or JL 280/4 bridged and a set of Hertz ML 1650.3 with a decent tweeter and you'll never regret it. Loud, clear, and good mid bass. I've got the 1650.3 in both bikes and can feel a strong kick drum beat hitting me in the chest at 70 mph. The running joke in our group is whoever rides behind me is stuck listening to whatever I'm listening to, they put in requests at gas stops.

This audio crap can get expensive. My approach is to get the best amp you can afford with plenty of clean power to spare and a warm output and do a little homework on tuning. It's not rocket science and can make a huge difference in how your speakers perform. Speakers are easy to change and until you find the one your ears like you may go through a few sets, but the amp will be consistent and you won't grow out of it in a 2 speaker setup. Remember that a lot of amps also kill FM reception. I don't use FM so not an issue for me, but if that's your main music source your choices are very limited.

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