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Thanks so much for the options. With the choices I put out if I’m going to need to up the money in the amp selection I may need to downgrade in the speaker selection. I was hoping to fit a good choice of speakers and worst case be in with an amp that I can upgrade later if I choose to. Since the speakers are going to be the bigger issue with fitment. Would suck to chop up the fairing for a speaker I don’t plan on keeping vs being out $118 for that soundstream amp and at least get by in the meantime. It’s not necessarily a budget but I don’t really wanna be into this with $500 speakers and a $500 amp, maybe more so $500ish total.

With that said do you think the hertz esk 165L.5 with say the JL HX280/4 (or MX?) or preferably the soundstream pn4.520D would be a decent choice.
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