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Let's Talk Trucks

Been a long time since I have given two flips for cars , the ones I want , too hard to get in and out of this late in life ..

Have owned all the big three brands of trucks , been pretty happy with all of them .. Since 1991 , I been Ford Blue , I traded a 1983 Chevrolet 1 ton crew cab dually with 454 and four speed on a Ford F250 3/4 ton , because Chevy was running their "dont buy no ugly truck" ad then , and those early 90's Chevy trucks were some kind of ugly . To this day I wish I had kept that dually , put 160,000 hard miles on two motors and two clutches ..

In the next year or two I am buying either a new or nearly new F250 or F350 4WD gas burner .. I really love the diesel , but cannot justify the $9200~ up charge and diesel cost as much or more than gas , plus everything since 2011 requires DEF , unless you do a delete , then you run into the issue of no one will work on the deleted motor .. If I could find a three to five year old used diesel I would consider it , but they are especially proud of used diesels around here ..

2019 is the last year for the 6.2L V8 gas burner in the Ford .. I rented a 2018 F250 4WD XLT crew cab in May and put about 900 miles on it and got 16 mpg , about 700 of that was super slab .. The original rumor I heard was the replacement was to be a 7.0 L V8 .. A couple days ago I heard it will be a 7.3L V8 , then the same day I read where it would be a 7.3L V10 ... Supposedly we will know mid January ..

The V10 is a hoss .. Does Dodge still offer the V10 ??

My ideal truck would be a Ford body with the 6.7L Cummins deleted with the Allison transmission ... Or even better this outfit in Georgia does custom F650's , he puts any trim interior in it that you want ( all Ford cabs are same size , so no issue with fitment ) and puts a bed on if you want it and also does Super Singles if you want .. But all at a price .. He has a couple F650 triple cabs that are really sharp ..

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