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Originally Posted by JacktheBagger View Post
2019 is the last year for the 6.2L V8 gas burner in the Ford .. I rented a 2018 F250 4WD XLT crew cab in May and put about 900 miles on it and got 16 mpg , about 700 of that was super slab .. The original rumor I heard was the replacement was to be a 7.0 L V8 .. A couple days ago I heard it will be a 7.3L V8 , then the same day I read where it would be a 7.3L V10 ... Supposedly we will know mid January ..
i use a pickup for a delivery vehicle at work; started with a '79 F-100, went to a '96 dodge V-6, then a '01 Chevy 5.2 liter ext cab.

traded in the Chev when GM took the bailout (it still pisses me off) and got a 5.4 liter xlt crew cab and love it.
only get around 15 mpg but more grunt than the chev. ltd. slip diff is a PITA but other than that no problems (need diff fluid change every 25K or so miles) and the crew cab adds an incredible amount of space for whatever you will ever need.

people respect pickup trucks. it's a totally different driving experience than riding the scoot!
and like you said, it beats dropping down into a vehicle and then trying to get out of it.

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