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I've never had a car for a daily driver, been in a pick up my whole life. I'm a Ford guy (although they piss me off at times), but have driven the big 3 (plus a Toyota) from the mini trucks to 1 tons and up. This is what I have learned.

Chevy - Looks good, rides most like a car. Not for heavy hauling.
Dodge - Cummings plus Allison, you can't go wrong. The rest of the truck sucks.
Ford - What can I say, I'm a Ford guy, albeit they have their shortcomings.

Gas vs. Diesel? It's hard to justify $9k for a Diesel when fuel and maintenance cost so much more, unless your hauling.

My company traded my 2011 F-250 6.7 150k miles (there were signs of a failing injector pump) for two 2016 F-350. My boss asked me if we should buy gas or diesel, I told him to save the money and buy the gas. These are superintendent trucks, I'm luck if I pull a trailer once or twice a month. 100k miles a set of tires and brakes, the 6.2 running strong. Don't get me wrong I do love diesels, but it's hard to justify if you don't need it. Even if it's not your money.

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