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Let's Talk Trucks

Iím a Chevy guy. I love the layout of the interior compared to the other trucks. I work for 2 different companies. One of those is an ambulance service. We have always run diesels until ford quit putting them in the van chassis. Our new Ambulance has the V10. That thing sounds like it is going to explode under load. I asked the salesman if that was normal during a demo, and he said that just how they sound. Itís fairly quick, but doesnít pull the hills quite as good as a diesel. I havenít compared the fuel mileage, as ambulances spend insane amounts of time idling. They probably get more engine hours idling than they do moving. The other company I work for runs 1 tons. About half ford, half Chevy. They all have good and bad. Good luck with your decision, and without pics it didnít happen.

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