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Originally Posted by JacktheBagger View Post
yep best year for the 6 point uh oh in my opinion .. And you know there are a couple Lariat 07 F250 CCLWB's here with 125-150 on them going for around 22 .. No way in h$%$ I will pay 65 or more for a truck . I choke on 50 , it is insane ..

The 6.2 I rented had a sticker of 51100 ~ and were selling it for 47~ , dealership 15 miles down the road was selling same exact truck with same exact options for 43.5 .. Add the PS to it and your are looking at 53 , freaking crazy ..

Best option is ( in Ford ) to get the XL or the STX trim .. I dont really look at the Ram or GM truck sites , but the Ford site where you build the truck pisses me off ..

Base price diff between the XL and XLT is around 5k , XLT to Lariat same deal around 5k ..Same going thru King Ranch and Platinum .. But going from the XL to XLT , you aren't getting 5k worth of upgrades ..

Aside from the comment about the over my budget custom 650's , best deal for me would be get the F450 CC 4WD XL or STX , PS is standard in the 450 , can be had for 60 .. 450 and 550 have the wide track front end and a much tighter turning radius ..

Only money , but this late in life I dont wanna ..
I prefer the Lariat. Not sure what all options you can get with the XL and XLT, but I like the leather, power seats, tinted sunroof, electric rear slider, and captains chairs with inside armrests. I don't tow or haul anything big enough to need more than a 250.We have a 550 at work that was refitted with a 5.9 Cummins. Nice truck, but the engine is noisy and I don't want a dually.

The diesel wasn't a necessity, but there have been times I was really glad I have it. When I put in my back yard, it didn't even know that it had a 2500 pound pallet of sod in the bed and two more on the trailer. I did the same thing with the Tacoma I had previously for the front lawn and that was a scary ride. Plus I bought a tractor and tandem trailer that it can pull with ease.

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