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Originally Posted by Tony Tony View Post
US NAVY 90-99 STS2 (SS). Are there any other submarine Vets here? USS Boise SSN-764 Plankowner, L.Y. Spear AS-36 Decom crew, FASOTRAGRULANT Norfolk.
long story , but I started out as a Bubblehead , went to TM school in Orlando , then sub school in Groton , first time through the escape tank with the Steinke hood , diver snatched me ten feet from the top , next two times in the pressure chamber blew my ear drums , graduated in the meanwhile and then Doc sent me packing to the surface fleet . Only so much skating a surface TM can do , so after a year on my first ship , they let me convert to GMG ... Had orders to Charleston Mendel Rivers SSN686 ..

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