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Went for a ride on Sunday, Was entering a round about when I notice a car coming into the single lane round-about with out even looking to her left. She is coming off the main road which was 55MPH before the interchange. I hit hard on the brakes because I am assuming she wasn't going to yield to my right of way, sure enough she enters the round-about right in front of me. If I would've "assumed" she was going to yield I would've been smacked. I laid on the horn and made her jump when she realized I was there. NEVER assume.

After that went to a friends house for a bonfire and a beverage. Left about 11PM, 30mi ride back I saw many "green eyes" along the side of the road, but it usually never bothers me. I think it is actually easier to spot animals @ night because my eyes are focused on what my LED headlights are shining on. Whereas in the day, my eyes could wander a bit more. Just the way I feel, many of my friends won't ride much at night, but I have never had issues with it.

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