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My 1 month trike observations.

Well. Added another 240 miles to it today and decided I like it. It's fun to ride. We have some pretty tight S curves near me. Speed limit is 15. Well. The Freewheeler holds a tight line at 35 through them. Pushed it to the point I could hear tire scrubbing. They say leaning on a trike is pointless. Well, not if your pushing it. Did the sportbike slide off the side of the seat and man it felt cool. Not as cool as on 2 wheels doing the same curves. But I'm good with it. So this this gets an A for that.

Bumps. You ever ride behind a trike and kinda watch it rock when one wheel hits a bump? I can honestly say that you dont really notice that after a while. It seemed to look annoying to me when I followed one. Now I see. If it's not a big one. It's really a non issue.

Here's a big plus for the trike. Wins over the bike all day. You know when you hit that bone shaker with the front wheel you brace for the back breaking second hit for the back wheel? Ya. I dont have to. I've learned hit the obstacle with the front tire and it goes right between the back tires. No more spine crushing hits. This I really enjoy.

Keeping my feet up when I stop. Sounds stupid. But let me tell ya. My hips are getting bad. Especially the up and down when I stopped. If y'all remember about last year I posted a trike thread due to my hips. The discomfort I was having is gone. So that's a win. And being as relaxed as when you're in your car at a light is pretty cool too.

Rain, while this is not impervious to bad weather it has a ton more traction and is more sure footed on wet roads. No false sense of security here. I'm aware of hydroplaning. But I'll take the trike in the rain over the bike in the rain any day.

The motor. 114" any of you can relate to this one. The 114 is an awesome motor. Power to spare. It wheel standed the 1200 pound trike. I can imagine how it moved a RG down the road. I was anti M8 due to the few issues. And had zero intention of giving up my 103. Being forced into it I had no choice. Ut I can say. I have no regrets.

Comfort. Like all the bikes. You need to dial it in to your size. With all the RGS take off parts I'm basically sitting on my RG. The Factory bars are 12" apes. I had them on my 16 RG.

Electronic Linked ABS. I think this is the most advanced version to date. And it really stops like a car. The feedback you feel when you just hit one or the other you can feel it in the pedal or lever. Not a little bit like on the 16RG. The front brake lever about collapses to the grip. Just using the back it activates that much front.

Gas mileage. Not what I hoped. Getting about 180 out of a tank. Never seems to read full even when I fill it up the neck. Getting 35 to 40mpg. Depending on how I'm riding. Interested to see how it does on our trip. The wifes 15 is lucky to get 32mpg.

It gets a lot of attention. Especially now with the amp and speakers. People wonder where all that sound is coming from. I get a lot of compliments on it. Need the F47S on it.

I think I may put a RGS front fender on it. A lot of body from the tank back.

2850 in 4 weeks. Not too shabby.

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