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so glad you moved up to an M8! the low end kick on these babies is a lot of fun, eh?

Ya. Its night and day over my twin cam.

the rear end is a solid rear axle, right? how is it suspended? shocks or springs?
Yes, solid axle. The trade off is ha sling and smoothness. Solid axle dont ride as smooth as Independent rear suspension but it corneres better.
19s have coil over shocks with the knob to stiffen the ride. Unlike the premiums on the bikes. This adjusts both shocks.

does the rear end "hop" over bumps or is it compliant?

there's been a few people in this area that have had serious accidents on these trikes.
is there anything to be wary of with the handling on these bikes?

They're not bikes. We have one in the dealership. 80 miles on it totaled. These have to be driven differently. I think theres a misconception that these are easy to ride. They have their own set of rules that if you dont follow them. You're in trouble. I'll bet most of the accidents you see (if they're single vehicle accidents) are inexperienced riders. In the case of the bike at our shop. The salesman never had him test ride it. Never went over the rules of how they react. Just sold it and sent him on his way having never been on a trike. I dont think they're any more dangerous than 2 wheels. If you respect it like it should be.
i have a picture in my mind of you doing the sport bike thing - hanging over the side of the bike. so cool

Ya. That was fun. Ut I'm thinking I should stop pushing the trike to its limits. It's time to settle in to it. Lol. Maybe.

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Glad to hear that the trike is working well for you and you're happy with it. I may have to go with a trike in the near future and your review was helpful. How much did you pay for that trike?
They're $28,099 for the base model Freewheeler. add 2k for the other paint schemes. I got this OTD for $27,500. Tax, tags, freight and all the bullshit they add. But my guy gave me a sweet deal.

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