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General Information

Harley Davidson
FLTRXS Road Glide Special
Vivid Black
Stage II Boom Audio. It ain't all that. But it's a motorcycle, not a sound booth.
Purchased 11 July, 2015. Shipped to Tacoma 13 July, 2015. Rode to Sturgis 31 July-1 August July. Rode back to Tacoma 11 August. 5k miles on the clock by October 15.
2016 Harley Davidson FLTRXS Road Glide Special (Vivid Black)


Stock HO 103. SE intake. V&H FP3. Freedom Performance True Dual "Combat" system.
LaPera solo saddle.
Stretched bags. Klock Werks Sport Flare. Awaiting Factory 47 10" Assault bars.
Stage II 6.5 Boom Audio. It was already installed when I bought the bike. It's a motorcycle. It's only ever going to sound so good. My user ID is hifiho. HIgh Fidelity wHOre. It's kinda been my gig for 40 years. High fidelity can not be achieved in an open space, given the constraints of a fairing, bags, engine noise, traffic, road noise, etc. Louder is not always better.

A "near field" monitor system would be best-suited for this application, but I prefer to concentrate on the road and the ride.

I've got $70k worth of motorcycle in my garage. My home theater and critical listening systems exceed that.
Stock. I've done a 900 mile day with little-to-no fatigue. If I had started earlier, I could have done another 200 easy. Don't like riding in the dark when I don't know the roads. That being said- My rear suspension is pretty stiff. And while I'm swapping to chrome sliders on the front, I'm thinking about swapping internals.
Wheel and Tire
Factory "Enforcer" wheels and stock tires. Powdercoated gloss black, and dark grey 2-tone. The flash from the camera exaggerates the contrast. The grey isn't quite THAT light.



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