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  2. Dyno Results
    When I traded my ’11 Kawasaki Vaquero for a ’14 Streetglide standard on a long road trip, in Denver, this last August, I knew the Harley had less power and I wouldn’t be able to leave it stock. I had already become a member of because I was looking at the '15 FLTRX and couldn't...
  3. Engine Related
    Last winter's project(s) included the Stage 4 103 kit for my '11 FLTRU. After the Meet up at State College, I realized that something was wrong and the bike was way low on oil. Dealer replaced the umbrella valve in the new SE heads and said all was well. It wasn't. Pinging ensued and I took...
  4. Engine Related
    Got my '13 FLTRU back today from the shop. I've spent a lot of time the last 2 days reading old threads on this forum and others on 255 vs 254e cams so I wanted to help clear the air a bit for anyone else interested in changing. Couple of notes that will skew the results thought: 1) I did 3...
1-4 of 4 Results