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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    Hey all! New and proud owner of 2015 FLTRXS. It's beautiful blue and chrome glowing like hell. Been riding 50 years, now into Touring some✌ My Yama XVR1100S Silverado is sulking in the corner, but she'll again get air time at some point. Look forward to the advice and experience I've already...
  2. Audio
    2015 RGS. I'm wanting to add an amp and fairing speakers, stock has got to go.. however building on a budget.. prefer around $500. I plan to do the install myself to also save $$$ so long as I can aquire everything needed for a reasonable price.
  3. Parts for Sale
    The sissy bar has been sold. I've also got a 2015 service manual. $50 shipped.
  4. Controls & Handlebars
    Can anyone help me? Just got my F47 bars today and I'm ready to install them but the dealership said I would have to remove the gas tank. Every video I've watched (none for a CVO) do not take the tank off. The CVO fork lock is just that a fork lock. Does the fork lock have to be removed? If not...
  5. Controls & Handlebars
    I've got my bars ordered (18" yaffee style) and I'm planning to do the install myself. I installed 17s on my last bike, so I'm familiar with running the wires internally, but I'm having a hard time finding wiring/cable kits for the 15. Anyone know where I can get this for the 15 (also looking...
  6. Videos
  7. Lighting
    Has anyone found options for the front turn signals? is the bolt pattern the same as the 2013 and will 2013 options work on the 2015?
  8. Audio
    As most everyone knows or have heard, the glare on the FLTRXS' 6.5 head unit is terrible. Of course sun reflection is an even worse and possibly deadly problem. It's like a f'ing welding torch in your face, but only at sunrise, sunset or between about 10am to 2pm. Waiting for the idiots that...
  9. New Members Welcome Area
    Folks- Good morning! I'm a new 2015 Road Glide Special owner. Thank you for having this informative forum available for us new guys. Lucas
  10. Audio
    Just got my first RG, 2015 RG Special, blue. Love it, but stereo left a bit to be desired from my previous CVO Ultra Hawg Wired system. So..... Mods begin. I've installed successfully an RF PBR300x2 under the radio, yes it fits fine. Had to make a custom bracket but worked out great. Much...
1-10 of 10 Results