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  1. Audio
    I have an 18 FLTRX, the only thing I have changed is the speakers, have Rockford Fosgate THS65 now. I've been thinking about putting on lower fairing with speakers, can I add speakers to my system using the stock amp and how do I do that? Am also thinking about putting in a 2019 GTS head unit...
  2. Audio
    Hello. I bought the WHIM for my ‘17 special, I installed my self and then go to the nearest dealer, whom is 120miles from home. I only wanted to activate the WHIM to use my Sena 20s to answer the phone calls, but I spent 6 hours in the shop and they said that the harley amp was locked during the...
  3. Parts for Sale
    For sale mtx amplifier #76000141. I bought this to use with my set up. but can't. Bought this off of here few months back. Nothing wrong with it. i just cant use it. $100 plus shipping
1-3 of 3 Results