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  1. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    Just checking here to see if someone has one laying around. Thinking of adding an adjustable backrest to my 2015 RGU with a hammock seat. Don’t know if that makes a difference. Don’t know if I will like it so don’t want to spend Harley stealership prices.
  2. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    Looking for a short backrest with minimal pad, just a butt slide stopper lol. Needs to fit "11. Thanks!
  3. Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is my Mustang Vintage solo seat with built in backrest. Model #79127 And 8.5 Mustang matching rear removable seat. Model #75462 All items are in excellent condition. The only reason for selling is I've been doing a lot more two up riding lately. And the little lady enjoys the stock...
  4. Parts for Sale
    All sold.. Thank you!! I am selling some items from my buddies bike.. These items were on his bike a half a season.. They are all like new.. They all came off a 2011 RG CUSTOM Detachable backrest bracket and pad.. these sell for 299.00 bracket,99.00 for the pad.. call it 400.00. You may need...
  5. Seating: seats, backrests
    I have a used Mustang driver's backrest (perfect condition) that I was gonna jury rig for my old Heritage. With the proper mount it will fit my new RGU. Question - Who sells Mustang mounting kits? I looked all over and only found the entire backrest kit for $200 plus. Anyone got any ideas?
1-5 of 6 Results