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  1. Engine Related
    Long story short - put a stage one kit on. High flow air cleaner, S&S 2-1 full exhaust, and Dynojet Powervision tuner. Ride around town for a few days, all fine. Ride from Amarillo to DFW, 5-ish hours, all fine. Stay the night, get up and ride about 35 more minutes. Decelerating from about 75 to...
  2. Engine Related
    Hey Guys I have a 17 M8 107 with the Woods 22XE cam and FM RTX pipe. Amazing combo in case anyone was wondering. I am planning out my 124 kit and am debating on staying with this cam and going 10.75:1 compression OR going higher compression, stronger springs and a higher lift cam. I am...
1-2 of 2 Results