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  1. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Ok guys, I know this is going to open up a huge can of worms, but since I'm new to the Road Glide (and Harley) world, I was hoping to get some ideas of what mods I can do next. Here is what I already have on the bike: Air Cleaner Rush 2 into 1 Exhaust with false Pipe Tuner Air Wing Luggage Rack...
  2. Paint & Bodywork Section
    Hey guys, I'm looking at purchasing my first Road Glide. It will be a 2012 RGU. I am leaning toward the Big Blue Pearl, but the light blue stripe is not a favorite of mine. I love the colors on the BBP Custom, but not the Ultra. Any ideas on how to change this or pics of what some of you...
1-2 of 2 Results