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  1. Sold
    Tried them on my 17 RGS and just couldn't get comfy with them. Took them off after a month and had my stock bars black powder coated. Expensive experiment, but now I'm ready to let them go. $150 bucks will buy them including shipping to Continental US. I'm near San Diego.
  2. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    I have a chrome Air Wing Luggage Rack that i would love to trade for a black one if someone is wanting to go chrome! Brand new less than a season on it. Still has warning stick on the side!
  3. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    Looking for the following: Denim Black Left Side Stock Bag Lid. I know it maybe a stretch....PM me if you got one that you want to unload. Thx.
  4. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    looking to trade a chrome AIR WING luggage rack for a black one. I have the LED add on on there. here is the part number of the one I have: 54283-09 also looking to trade out any black parts you might wanna take off for my chrome. must of what I have is stock chrome and clean no scratches!
  5. Equipment-RG
    Hey everyone. I just traded in my Street Glide for a Road Glide Ultra and it's great. On my SG, I added chrome saddlebag guards that come in a kit from HD for about $219. The kit included everything you need for the install--guards, support rails and nuts & bolts. Took about 1 hour to put on...
  6. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    I was looking at the thread on Yellow Glides and I thought why not BLACK glides. Not all black is the same. Vivid black, flat black, black pearl, midnight black, lite black, super black, black black, etc. Well you get the idea, so here is my Black N' Blue Road Glide. Named her after an ole...
1-6 of 6 Results