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  1. Great Deals
    These are SENA headsets, but Kenwood branded. Apparently Kenwood is getting out of this sector. both are free shipping or can expedite for a fee. My old Cardos were cheapest option out there.. I already received the HX5M, waiting on the camera version.. Crutchfield is OOS of the...
  2. Audio
    I have a 2019 RGS with Boom Audio GTS connected to a Google Pixel 3 via Bluetooth, not USB cable. It has worked flawlessly for 2 years, but is now disconnecting after 10-30 seconds. I can continuously reconnect it, but it will never keep the connection very long. I also have a Cardo PackTalk...
  3. Audio
    Ok. So I plan on listening to music via amp/speakers on my RGS (that is coming soon).. I wear a half-helmet and have been considering the BOOM AUDIO EXPAND BLUETOOTH HALF HELMET HEADSET (76000835) for answering the phone and maybe even getting a second one to use for comms with the wife. Looks...
  4. Audio
    What is the best Bluetooth radio upgrade for a 2009 road glide. I would like to maintain the hand controls if possible. Has anyone upgraded the faring to support the newer style radio's with nav?
  5. New Members Welcome Area
    So I purchased my 2010 RGC last fall & upgraded the audio this winter. I've been a member here for several months. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to post info & pics. I'm hoping to help some people out with audio since I've been a car audio tech & custom fabricator for 23 years now. I...
  6. Audio
    Has anyone had any success finding a bluetooth adapter or dongle to use the bluetooth connection to the Scala G9. I want to listen to my radio, XM, iPod and GPS from the radio through my Scala G9. Tired of being cable connected to the motorcycle.
  7. Audio
    Hey everyone. Just started wearing my helmet again, and wanted to add a bluetooth headset to the RG. The only solution HD has is to use the Zumo, which I do not own, to the tune of about $1000 dollars to add it. I think I have come up with a work around to make it work for about $150. First...
1-7 of 7 Results