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  1. Sold
    I purchased this for my '16 CVO RGU in February and just got rid of the bike. So I have an up to date firmware device that will fit in a '14&up SG/RG CVO or non-cvo scoot. I have posted a link that shows the start up of the bike with the radio in it. Paypal only, no friends and family. $1400...
  2. Audio
    I have a 2019 RGS with Boom Audio GTS connected to a Google Pixel 3 via Bluetooth, not USB cable. It has worked flawlessly for 2 years, but is now disconnecting after 10-30 seconds. I can continuously reconnect it, but it will never keep the connection very long. I also have a Cardo PackTalk...
  3. Audio
    Is anyone doing repairs to GTS radios?
  4. Audio
    I have an 18 FLTRX, the only thing I have changed is the speakers, have Rockford Fosgate THS65 now. I've been thinking about putting on lower fairing with speakers, can I add speakers to my system using the stock amp and how do I do that? Am also thinking about putting in a 2019 GTS head unit...
  5. GPS
    My Boom Box GTS came never out of the update loop. Let the update run for about 2 hours. Screen never came back from black. Now the GTS is only asking for enter the USB stick for updating. Put it back in and let it run now the whole night. Screen is black. Restart the bike and the same process...
  6. Audio
    I live in the desert SW and for a 4-5 months out of the year when it’s 100+ I cant Stand riding with a full face helmet. So I’ve been considering wearing a pair of Jabra wireless earphones with my half helmet. I got them to sync with the boom audio and bring up my Apple car play...not sure how...
  7. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    I had some problems updating my software and maps on my 2019 RGS with Boom Box GTS and have now got it working. There was a update on March 4th 2019 to Version: MY19.19.03.00 and there are new maps as well so here is what I figured out and I hope if you have issues it will help you as well...
1-7 of 7 Results