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  1. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    Looking for the license plate relocation bracket that comes with the Harley tour pak detachable kit. It is the one that mounts above the tail light. I'm hoping someone has one they did not use. Thanks
  2. Audio
    Looking for someone who makes a decent bracket to mount a Soundstream PN4.520 amp. Saw a few on here but also didn't know if there was one available retail some where? If one of you guys makes one also let me know.
  3. New Members Welcome Area
    I just did a stage one with a kuryakyn mach 2 air cleaner. I bought a throttle module cover to hide the module. when installing, it says i have to remove the "support induction module bracket". it appears the only way to do this is remove fuel tank. has anyone removed this? is there an...
1-3 of 3 Results