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  1. Dyno Results
    So, picked up the Woods TW-222 cams, directional lifters and adjustable pushrods from the great folks at Fuel Moto. Running V&H Pro Pipe Chrome, V&H Naked VO2 and Power Vision Tuner. Just got the bike back today, has 22,500 miles on it. I know the pic is hard to read, so... HP from 76.62 to...
  2. Forum rules! READ!
    I just acquired a 2010 RG Custom - Stage 4 done in 2010 - package done with SE 260 cams. They don't really kick in until about 3000 RPM. Looking to replace over the upcoming winter with a cam that is more torquey at lower RPM's and better suited for putting around town (looking for the torque...
  3. Dyno Results
    I finally had my new engine dyno tuned. I put a 110CI Long Block with SE 259E Cams. I had D&D 2 into 1 Fat Cats with a 58mm intake. Final tune was 104.73 HP and 115 TQ. I am happy.
  4. Intake and Exhaust
    Hello. I am fairly new to this forum. I currently have a batwing bike and am looking to buy a road glide. I am currently looking at a 2011 cvo screaming eagle with the 110. The owner changed the cams to the 259e and the exhaust is vance&hines power duals. I am no expert on cams and such and I am...
  5. Engine Related
    I have a 2013 Road Glide Custom with a 103 CI, CNC Heads, Stage 4 Kit, TW777 cams, and D&D 2 - 1 Exhaust. I have a stock lifter fail. Causing damage to the cams and oil pump as well. Even though covered by warranty, Harley basically advised I change my lifters ever 8,000 miles. So every 3...
  6. Engine Related
    Guys, I know there are a ton of threads on here and this cam and that cam and why each are better, worse, etc...I wanted to give some specifics on my bike and riding style and see if you all could help point me in the right direction. I've been talking with another member about some options so...
1-6 of 6 Results