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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    I’m in Ontario, Canada near Toronto. Currently riding a 2020 RG Limited with SE Sage 2. factory 47 13” bars Klockwerks sport flare windshield Fullsac header Forsch 4.5 slip-ons Angry II Baffles SE high flow breather SE torque cam I like riding in the corners and carving lanes. Latest trip...
  2. New Members Welcome Area
    Hello Riders Just got back into the saddle after a long sickness. This is my first post. I started riding in 1973 with a new Yamaha Enduro and worked my way through various street bikes and Goldwings until 2002 when I bought an Ultra Classic. My wife and I enjoyed 2 up riding pulling a home...
  3. New Members Welcome Area
    Logging on for the first time, although I have often referred to posts on this site. I have a 2011 Rio Red CVO Road Glide Ultra FLTRUSE I bought in Jan of 2 left in CA at the time. Just turned 20,000 miles, every one with a grin on my face. One trip across Nevada, down to...
  4. Road Trip Discussions/Stories/Pictures
    For those of you folks near the 49th parallel. Saturday, June 2nd is our 12th annual Ottawa, Ontario Motorcycle Ride for Dad, this ride raises money to help fight Prostate Cancer through awareness and medical research. Last year 2350 participants raised over $415,000 for the cause. We have a...
1-4 of 4 Results