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  1. Controls & Handlebars
    So this is the second set of menaces I have ordered for my bike first set was ordered wrong per carlini but these new bars are what they told me to order wondering if anyone else has ran into the same problem and what can i do? When taking a look at the bars it appears there is not a cut of or...
  2. Controls & Handlebars
    I wanted to put a for sale/swap feeler out for my 14” Carlini Evil Ape handlebars off of my 2013 FLTRX. I love the way these bars look but after riding around with them for about 2000-ish miles I am not as fond of them as I thought I'd be. In an attempt to make my life and potentially a buyers...
  3. Controls & Handlebars
    Hello all. I am really looking for some pictures of 16" gangster apes on a road glide. I am 6 ft with a 32" inseam on a 2011 FLTRX with the hammock seat. Don't want them much above my shoulders. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results