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  1. Intake and Exhaust
    I have been away from Harley's for a while and the newer to me names are exhausting. I want to put slip on exhaust on my 2020 Road Glide limited. Due to dealer selections I have 2 in mind and a third that is at a dealer about 2 hours away. My choices at this point are as follows any input...
  2. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Hey all, Just installed a set of CFR knock-offs from KC international. My friend who has the $700 CFR slip-ons helped me install them. Quality seemed great and sound was awesome! We compared his CFRs to my knock-offs and they sound identical. He liked the billet end caps more than the ones...
  3. Intake and Exhaust
    I finally got a tracking number for a set of black, fluted, and drilled CFR's. The Jackpot 2-1-2 header is installed and waiting. I'll be a happy man, can't wait to install them and hear the beast.;)
  4. Intake and Exhaust
    They came in this week and here they are! Next up is an intake and tune. Any suggestions on intake? With you suggestion tell me why you choose that one. THanks!
  5. Intake and Exhaust
    OK guys, talk me off the ledge. Picked up my '13 BBP Road Glide Custom on April 4th, and ordered a set of CFR slip-ons, ventilator air cleaner, and a screaming eagle map. 7 weeks later CFR's are still on back order - called today and was told at least a few more weeks. I really was hoping to...
  6. New Members Welcome Area
    Well, I have been eyeballing a RG for about the last 3 years and pulled the trigger on a 2013 Candy Orange this past Friday. I'm stoked to say in the least and am already wearing out the buttons on my laptop with all of the mod considerations. Planning a Stage 1 with the CFR Fluted Slip-Ons, a...
  7. Intake and Exhaust
    So I was thumbing through one of the many DNA catalogs they have sent me today and noticed something familiar on the back cover with the mufflers, check out the link... I called DNA to get some answers and either they do not know what they sell or everyone was...
  8. Intake and Exhaust
    Finally got my Stage I done and all I can say is, "HOLY SH!T!!! This set-up sounds damn amazing! Here is what I went with: Cobra Power Port Dual Head Pipe CFR Slip Ons Arlen Ness Big Sucker Derby Power Vision The sound is so deep it's unlike any other pipe I've ever heard. ALL the sound...
  9. Intake and Exhaust
    Just installed a set of Kerker Stouts on my fltrx. I almost bought the CFRs, but went with these instead. Glad I did. Check 'em out here These are the Supertrapp Stouts....the Kerkers are a little louder and because of the noise the...
1-9 of 9 Results