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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    Hello All, New user here feeling out the waters.. mostly looking to see how y’all feel about a Road King Special owner poking around. Consider this: It should be taken as a compliment as there isn’t really a RKS equivalent forum that compares. Also we have very similar bikes and I have already...
  2. Tech Area
    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster lol. I am chasing gremlins in my electrical system and looking for some more ideas on what to check. Background: Last weekend I installed a J&M amp and new speakers in fairing and all went well, road 50 miles or so no issues. This Saturday I removed...
  3. Lighting
    So my 2012 is about to have its final send off from me and I have a custom Dynamics adaptive headlight. I can’t find one for the new ones, are they not made? I loved that headlight, I’d be sad if I can’t get one as I became accustomed to that. I checked JW and Custom Dynamics but maybe I...
  4. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    If you ever need video how-to’s on installing after market parts, including Custom Dynamic lighting, come by my page on YouTube. You will enjoy the experience.
  5. Lighting
    Was wondering if anyone knows about the ability to change the name of this module? It's been pretty solid and worked well since I installed it. Today, I was at a dealership that was pretty busy. When I launched the app to show a friend how it worked, There were three CCM-5BT modules in the...
  6. Sold
    Sold!!!! For sale is a set of Custom Dynamics dual filament 1157 LED clusters for rear application on the FLTRX/FLHX. Will also work in other applications with dual filament rear bullet signals. Excellent working condition. Had these on my Street Glide but now have a RG Ultra so I need the...
1-6 of 8 Results