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  1. Audio
    So, to minimize wire runs, I've attempted to mount my Hawg Wired speaker crossovers (for my rear speakers) to the bag lids. One on each lid...just under the clothe that's there from the factory. The issue is, it seems as though the summer heat, as well as heat from the engine and pipes are not...
  2. Videos
  3. Parts for Sale
    ok I have had several requests for me to put up my extra fairings so here they are. Asking 250$ plus shipping EACH, I have researched ebay and this is well under the "going rate" for farings with more damage then I have on these, so no low ballers please. THESE ARE VERY LARGE BOXES. Local...
  4. Videos
    My riding the Tail of the Dragon.
  5. Videos
    Hi All: Ever since I got a GoPro I have been creating ride videos. A lot of newer ones with my Road Glide. Working on some more.
  6. New Members Welcome Area
    A friend of mine, also a Road Glide owner turned me on to this forum. I ride a 2013 Road Glide Custom now with a lot of performance mods.
  7. Classifieds Archive (3 months old+)
    I have for sale some Covington cycles parts. 1 Diamond cut bag latches (93 and later) 2 Diamond cut ignition cover (08 and later) 3 Diamond cut upper master cylinder lid (08 and later) 4 Diamond cur lower master cover lid (08 and later) All parts are new they were only on bike for a few minutes...
1-8 of 10 Results